So my new friends over at Jamili Afrika (http://www.jamiliafrika.org/index.html) were kind enough to reblog my post (http://www.jamiliafrika.org/1/post/2013/07/who-are-the-next-generation-african-farmers.html). A little about them…well I’ll prefer you stop over on their site and read the about page (http://www.jamiliafrika.org/index.html) :-). However I have to share their philosophy ‘Jamili Afrika’s philosophy is to promote a mindset that says we are no longer ‘the dark continent’ but have become ‘the hopeful continent’.‘ That statement reminds me of an article in the The Economist, which famously labelled Africa the “Hopeless Continent” in 2000, then in 2013 they released another article called the hopeful continent.‘.  I think Jamili Afrika’s philosophy is aligned with what we see happening today, we see more and more Africans on the global scene portraying Africa in a positive light, writing their own development strategy, embracing and developing their own technology, producing award-winning music, actors & actresses in hollywood, made in Africa high fashion and  top foreign designers using African prints in their collections. It’s truly as exciting time to be African. In addition to this 50% of the world’s fastest growing economies were from Africa (albeit from a low base)

New Picture (5)

Nevertheless we have to admit that there is a lot of work to be done with some claiming that this progress and growth is a myth. An AfDB report on the continent’s economic outlook has warned: “Growth has been accompanied by insufficient poverty reduction, persisting unemployment, increased income inequalities and in some countries, deteriorating levels of health and education.”  The talented team at Jamil Afrika is working hard on preserving our heritage and making sure this progress isn’t a myth. I applaud them,please support them in their effort. Remember my post  ‘Let’s Think Collaboration’ :-). Together we are better & stronger…

Proudly African….

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2 thoughts on “Jamili Afrika

  1. Thank you so much, Kofo. This post is on point. It has to be realized that there is an accurate image of Africa that many don’t know of. It should be shown and the good bits, praised like we do for every other place in the world. I hope we can collaborate on some projects in future?

    We really appreciate the exposure! Take care 🙂

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