Ok so while doing my daily research I stumbled across this on the SILICON AFRICA blog and I totally had to share…please share your thoughts…

The continent still is a risky place to do business, but the rewards of success are instant and a lot. Here are the top 7 tips for success I’ve garnered through my latest conversations:

  • It’s almost virgin here. There are a lot of opportunities, but you have to fight!
  • Target the vanity class with vanity products. The “new rich” have lot of money. They are tough on everything except their big ego and social reputation.
  • Target the lazy executives and middle managers. Do the job they are paid for as a consultant. Be good, and politically savvy, and the money is yours.
  • 4. You’ll make more money in selling food or opening a restaurant than working for the Bank.
  •  You can’t avoid politics, but learn to think like the people you are talking with. Always finish your sentence with something like “the most important is the country’s development, not power. We all have to work in that direction.
  • It’s about hard work and passion, but you should first forget about managing time like in Europe. Take time to visit people, go to the vanity parties, have the patience to let stupid people finish their long empty sentences, and make the politicians understand that your project could make them win elections and strengthen their positions.
  • Speed is everything. Think fast, Act fast, Be everywhere through friends, family and informants

All these  look very Machiavellian to me, but who said business was something for the faint hearts!

I quite agree with majority of the points mentioned….do you? All the AGRIPRENEURS out there did you notice POINT 4 🙂

Thanks for stopping by….



7 thoughts on “Doing Business in Africa!

  1. Great write up, intriguing as well, thinking how in 45 days, the business have attracted large funds. Is agriculture part of these.I know they are virgin oppourtunities, its just how to harness and explore. Yes, I believe every man is a political being. This have spur me to action and being more purposeful and believing in our continent.

    • Hi Foluso…I also found it quite interesting. If agriculture is included in the businesses that should be profitable in 45 days then it is highly unlikely that it includes producers. Maybe included are marketers who have a ready market to buy the goods they have purchased from producers. Anything is possible :-). It’s good to read your last sentence, we need more people saying that.

  2. No food no life! Yes!! Politics, no! you can avoid it. Face your business and leave out politics. Be true to your conscience! Be good, that’s it!

  3. agriculture in Nigeria is not really a virgin opportunity if u ask me? she’s been penetrated before in the early 1900s but she had a miscarriage when crude oil showed up. Thank God,she’s ripe again. she needs young minds to nurse her with new passion, ideas, techniques and hopefully she gives birth to a healthy child that will remain no matter the weather.
    nice punch points anyway…and is point four really true?

    • Interesting analogy. Yes I agree with you agriculture is not a virgin opportunity…more like a neglected opportunity. Nevertheless there are many new opportunities that have emerged within the agriculture sector. The blogger was not referring specifically to agriculture. Now about point 4 :-)…some can make a strong and convincing argument that it is true and some can argue otherwise. The bottom-line is this, if you have the right skills and knowledge you can make a significant amount of money in agriculture but if you lack the right skills and knowledge…well you might get lucky and still make a lot of money 🙂 (highly unlikely). It also depends on what type of job you have in the bank. In the end everyone must EAT to survive but not everyone must make use of banking services to survive.

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