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The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) announced the call for entries for the 2014 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA). The prestigious Prize, presented annually since 2012, aims at encouraging innovations that contribute to sustainable development in Africa.

In an effort to drive African-led development, the IPA invites African entrepreneurs and innovators to propose projects that unlock new African potential under one of five categories which include:

1) agriculture and agribusiness;

2) environment, energy and water;

3) health and wellbeing;

4) ICT applications;

5) manufacturing and services industries.

The winning submission will be awarded a prize of USD 100,000, with two additional USD 25,000 prizes, one for the runner up with an innovation with the best business potential and the other one for the runner up with the innovation with the best social impact.

“The IPA team believes that the best way to build Africa’s capacity is to invest in local innovation…

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