It’s harvest time :-). Ofada is a generic name used to describe all rice produced and processed in the rice producing clusters of south-west Nigeria. The short grain robust rice, believed to be OS6 and ITA 150 varieties, is named after Ofada, a small rural community in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State. Ofada rice is becoming more prominent and is gaining attention and appeal amongst elites at parties, eat-outs and at homes; sold in fast-food restaurants, and also in 500g boxes by marketers in major cities in Nigeria and beyond.

As a niche and special product originating from certain geographical areas, ofada rice could be likened to the popular “basmati rice” from India and Pakistan estimated to have an export market value of over $1 billion dollars annually.

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Rice is one of the value chains in the project. The team and I went out to see how the farmers were getting on with the harvest. We visited our farmers in Ise, the rice grown in this area is called Ofada rice. A brief summary of the progress so far: the project commenced on the 30th of July 2009, since then beneficiaries have increased the hectares cultivated from 1 – 2 hectares to 2 -4 hectares, seen a 5% increase in tonnes harvested hectare, attended training sessions on how to improve yield such as herbicide use, record keeping, use of improved seeds e.t.c.


We brought the press along 🙂


The team

IMG-20130813-00547 IMG-20130813-00537 IMG-20130813-00512 IMG-20130813-00499 IMG-20130813-00511 IMG-20130813-00501


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4 thoughts on “Ofada Rice Harvest!

  1. Ofada rice compared with Basmati rice?! I think we’re on the way!! How nice! I hope research is on-going to remove the smell without compromising the quality!! But really, I don’t mind the smell.

  2. Its really a very tantalising delicacy! Whenever I go to Abeokuta for court proceedings or something I always ensure I stop by at a particular eat-out to savour the delicacy. its better served when wrapped in leaves!!! One can only hope that our government would sooner than later realise the economic potentials of promoting the growth and hence exportation of this popular delicacy.

    Well done Kofo.

    • I have to agree with you, it’s quite tasty. The Lagos state Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is doing a lot of work in promoting Ofada rice and rice in general. Nevertheless more can be done. But given the limited capacity of the government, the best way would be through Private Public Partnership in my humble opinion.

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