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DSCN0227 Mrs Lawal (Head of Communications), Mr Ogunyinka (State Project Coordinator) and your truly 🙂

The staff at the Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP) stepped away from their desks last Wednesday, September 18th, to host and take part in the Media Interactive Session/Product showcase. This was a well attended event with guests which included successful commercial farmers and major media houses such as the TVC News and Vanguard.  CADP since its inception in 2009 has achieved significant successes in the Rice, Poultry and Aquaculture value chain and this event was held not only to share and celebrate this success but also to share the vision for the next few years of the project.

Meet the host Mrs Lawal – Head of Communications, together with her team created a tastefully decorated venue and a comphrehensive agenda.



high tablehall

Meet Mr Ogunyinka – State Project Coordinator who gave an impressive presentation which highlighted many of the project successes. During his presentation he mentioned that the strategic thrust of the project is using the value chain approach.

Mr O3

Mr OMr O 2

Since inception the following milestones have been achieved:

  • The project has supported 331 commodity interest groups in implementation of business plans for approximately 3500 beneficiaries. A total approximate value of ₦654,467,000 has been invested to support project beneficiaries.
  • New technology has been provided which has helped significantly reduce the cost of production. For example the introduction of 4 wheel drive tractors which has brought down the cost of land preparation from ₦30,000 to ₦5,000
  • Approximately 6000 full time jobs have been created.

Meet Mr Gboyega Akosile – CEO Brand TV Network who gave an insightful presentation titled ‘Media and the Challenges with Food Security in Nigeria’.

AkosileAkosile 2  Kofo & Akosile

In his presentation he mentioned that Farmers are the real heroes of our nation. He also highlighted the role of the media in the agriculture space; such as information gathering, access to information, and dissemination of information that will act as a catalyst for national development. He also mentioned that the media has a responsibility to place pressure on the national assembly to create policies that enable the development of the sector. In addition to this, he encouraged farmers to be pro-active in building relationships with the media.

Dr Onasanya congratulated the CADP team on their excellent work. He highlighted some of the achievements of the current government such as; provision of loans at 9% interest rates and the significant increase in ;and used to cultivate rice (from 30 hectares to 800 hectares).



high table guest

Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4 guests


doyin    GhaniTayoriceofine ricechickenpedroeggfish 2fish



staff 1 staff 2 staff 3 staff 4 staff 5 staff 6

Kofo Durosinmi-Etti

In summary, it was a very successful event. Thanks for stopping by 🙂




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