The team over at CDnet was kind enough to give me an opportunity to do write-up on agriculture. CDnet is a portal for career explorers – every secondary school student, post secondary student, graduate, mid-career worker, job seeker, business owner etc who is thinking about what to do next or which direction to head for and for those parents, guardians, counselors, influencing others in making those decisions. The resources available will help you find career options; requirements; routes and potential job types. They also publish a career Journal called Venture which focuses on different industries. I ind them very useful and insightful. You can get more information at


You can follow @CDNET ng

Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s the direct link to my write-up …. http://www.cdnetng.org/?q=node/4822 enjoy and please share your thoughts. Thanks or stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “First Feature

  1. Your article clearly says that improving of agriculture means improving the growth of our nation, Nigeria. A seed towards great things. Its splendid!

  2. Finally a reliable source of information on agriculture that we have been waiting for by a ‘new class Nigerian lady’,( to drive home the point) who is actively involved in agriculture. This is coming from someone who walks the talk, not just cutting clips and dumping theories. This article has highlighted a lot for a novice like me to run with.
    I am an investor and will like to work with you if you have the time. I am really impressed.The Federal Ministry of Agriculture needs no better ambassador if they are really game on getting young people into the business.
    Please add me to your mailing list.

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