So we headed down to the farm to ensure that the cassava planting had been completed. Well for the most part it was, but there is always room for improvement :-).

So we’ve been dealing with the issue of setting clear boundaries for the farm. It appears to us that the boundaries keep moving…ok so what I mean is that the pillars and sign post used to demarcate where our farm begins and ends is not very clear. When you have a relatively small piece of land, every inch of space counts. So we set out to look for the original pillars.

DSCN2227 On the farm…

DSCN2233 Contractor and my biggest investor 🙂


DSCN2241 See the man in the bush…WE FOUND THE PILLAR…but it appears that it was not in the original position. So we have to get the farm re-measured. Thankfully it’s not going to cost any money.

DSCN2243 Second sign post…same man

DSCN2235 Not my farm….but still posing on it….haha…

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


4 thoughts on “Setting Boundaries

  1. Don’t really knw what I shld be looking @ in the pictures…U or the farm? Its kinda hard to decide? Lol
    Nice working, proud of you!

  2. Good Morning, 

    How r u doing, nice reading ur blogs, being off for a while, dont know if u still remember me, we meet at Abira Foundation   Kind Regards

    Tope (08054132494/ 07033877137)

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