IMG-20131215-00071There are times when everything within me is resisting going to farm, I’m tired, uninspired and unwilling to make that long journey and work under the intensely hot sun.  Then I remember that I am accountable to my investors and those cheering me on and those not exactly cheering me on :-). If this doesn’t get my feet out of bed and on the ground I get all philosophical and remind myself of the quote I was forced to learn while at school ‘Heights by which great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but, while their companion slept, they were toiling upward in the night’.  Well I’m not trying to be a companion. If that doesn’t get my feet on the ground I remind myself of the millions of unemployed youths for whom I’m trying to develop a business model in the agric space that can be replicated and change their status from unemployed to Agripreneur :-).

If all that philosophy and sentiment doesn’t get me out of bed…I remind myself that in my neck of the woods, when the boss doesn’t show up to work often enough, the workers start to execute on ‘Operation destroy the business’ well needless to say,  that gets me straight  up and going. Quite frankly I only need to remind myself of ‘Operation destroy the business’ and get going, but sometimes I like to be philosophical and sentimental :-). I might not bring my ‘A’ game but I’ll definitely show up. Lord knows I didn’t spend all this money and time for a few workers to destroy it just because I was feeling lazy.

As you can see from the pictures we turned up but not properly kitted… AND BUT STILL I RISE SHOWED UP 🙂







IMG-20131215-00076 Heading on home….

The title is inspired by the amazing Maya Angelou …

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


17 thoughts on “And Still I Rise

  1. I feel you Kofo… Honestly, I get such feelings…
    BTW thats a very powerful and inspirational quote…Nothing great and successful happens by accident..
    Every building, I noticed, during my projects are always built by laying one block at each time…
    Keep up the great work and know you have yet overcome once more…
    That is the test of true success..commitment to getting things done, one step at a time..

    • Thanks Toyin…good to know there are folks out there that feel the same way. The quote was hanging in our assembly hall…so we always saw it everytime we gathered in the hall. Thanks for your kind words..aluta continua….

  2. You go Kofo! One day at a time. I for one will remember this post and that very powerful quote on those days when motivation wanes and I am looking for the inspiration I need to take the next step in this journey 🙂

  3. Hi, Kofo. Happy new year. It is all a part of the biz, your showing up means you are shoring up the business against ‘Operation destroy the business’. Keep it up.

  4. Only God knows how many young busines has been lost to laziness and ogarism in this country. That’s the spirit girl double your hustle…Henry Ford said once ‘if your workers work for an hour, you work three hours because when you go to sleep the business do too’
    Grease to your elbow gal….and God bless your works!

  5. this is the best post so far on this blogg***i really enjoy your posts>>though m still uppin my agripenure skills stadily>>>either way its an awesome and inspiring post

  6. So glad I stumbled on your blog today. So Fascinating. Glad I have found someone who shares a similar vision to mine, although I started my business on a different end of the chain. It would be great to hear your experiences, beyond the blog. Would you mind coffee with a wanna-be farmer? This is forward of me, I know. If you pretend not to see this post, I totally understand. 🙂

    • Hi Affiong, I’m really glad you stumbled on my posted. Hope you clicked on the follow button 🙂 . That way you stay connected. Absolutely we should meet up for coffee and it’s not at all forward of you. The blog was created so that we can connect and this is exactly what you are doing. Pls send me an email at kofodurosinmietti@gmail.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

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