DSCN2518The signs are up….but still working out the exact dimensions of our farm. Before we start putting up the fences and installing our equipments we have to be 100% sure that nobody shows up one day saying gibberish stuff like…. we are on their land and we have to get our property off their land. You know that’s going to cost money we don’t want to spend.

DSCN2519So some of the guys from ALHA (Agricultural Land Holding Authority) and I headed down to remeasure the farm.

DSCN2535You see them pointing right?! well they are pointing at the land our neighbours accidentally encroached on :-). Good new for us but not so good for them I guess. We had a chat with them and they are working on clearing the land for us. So it’s all good.

DSCN2536Still measuring….it’s actually a lot of hard work, especially if it is being done manually. I thought we were going to use an electronic equipment…only for the surveyor to bust out his measuring tape :-(. Got the job done so I guess it’s all good…not really…we really need to upgrade to more modern technology.


DSCN2532These last to pictures shows us trying create a landmark on our neighbours farm. The landmark shows the part of the land that belongs to us.

DSCN2542 The signs are up yo! 🙂 Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta…the struggle journey continues, victory is certain….

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5 thoughts on “Measure TWICE cut ONCE

  1. we faced this issue too while supervising a project in lagos>>>>>some people just come from nowhere and they even have “fake” documents>>>>the things we will witness

  2. My farmer friend, what’s up? good to see all the work you are putting into your farming career. I Kelvin Constant Titan is proud of you. I remembered when we met after my Financial Intelligence presentation at your CD in Ikeja LG and you wrote your blog url on a piece of paper for me. Am glad i didn’t lose that paper. So with that said, when are you inviting me to your farm and what type of vehicle should i come in? Bus/Lorry/trailer etc because harvest don near. Lol! My blog is finally up and running, check it out and give me an honest valuation. http://www.kelvinconstanttitan.wordpress.com I look forward to hearing from you and before i forget, we need to talk about some FinancialTinz (Making/Managing/Multiplying Money). Have a great day.

    • Hi Kelvin, it’s really good to hear from you. Cracked a smile when I read your msg. I’m also proud of you and what you are doing and we will definitely have a sit down…looking forward to it. Congratulations on your blog definitely off to a good start. Lol you can bring any vehicle just make sure you hold ya money :-). Noticed you have your details on your welcome post…so will hit you up soon. Thanks for your kind words…chat soon

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