This post shows what an average day is like on the farm. The truth of the matter is that I’m really not able to do this kind of work on a daily basis, maybe once in a while. However it’s important for me to know first hand what my staff should and will do on a regular basis. So if they decide to start misbehaving or leave, it’s cool…I gat this, I can do what needs to be done till a replacement is found.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so I hope these pictures tell a clear story about what I get up to at the farm….


1I show up around 8.45a.m..

7c Cross section of the farm….

7Dressing the beds and a view of the farm…

5Can you see the difference 🙂 … It’s not cute having to stand in this position for so long….

2a This is our irrigation system…old school style…alking into the shallow well…fetching water…coming back out…ain’t EASY!!!!

4Watering the vegetables…


3The guy in the green jersey is Idris my coach, he is teaching me hausa and I’m teaching him english…haha…

7b Nobody said it would be easy…it better be worth it though…

8 Freshly harvested spring onions…

01a ….

What I know for sure:There has to be an easier way…after two weeks, my whole body aches 😦 . Although I intend to hire people to do all this work, I must ensure that we farm the next-gen way. That is leveraging technology to reduce manual intensive and back-breaking work. This will in turn increase productivity, efficiency and in the long run reduce cost.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Oh by the way you can order your fresh vegetables from this farm. It’s in the Ogudu/Alapere area of Lagos. Hit me up if you want more details….

Big thank you and hugs to Sandbox creations for the pictures….


16 thoughts on “A day in the life of a Farm Intern

  1. Hmmmmmmmm………….. via pictures farming looks pretty interesting and fun but i can imagine what it will look like working on it most especially when it’s done manually. A day on the farm is like driving from Lagos-Abuja-Lagos sameday Lol! but honestly i like what i see and as regards the fresh vegetable tinz. what’s the p? I need regular veg supply and also regarding investing in your farm, do you have any package? Hala at me girl.

  2. Hello My good friend farmer I have been following your blog and must say we have the same passion of raising the next generation of farmers. The next generation will embrace farming if farming is made attractive. Our area of focus is sustainable agriculture and our goal is urban-rural migration of able bodied youths. As for irrigating your farm contact us for lecture on drip irrigation which is a system that will be suitable for your vegetable farm. I remain yours. Agronomist Mike Nasamu

  3. Well done…. cant wait to start eating nextgen fresh vegatables. I admire your courage and zeal and pray u reap the fruit of your labour very soon

  4. Finally I get to completely read one post. Getting down to know how its done is a great way to ensure you are able to communicate your expectations of what is required. You will also have a good sense of the value provided by future employees

  5. wow! i just stumbled on this blog today and am so excited about it. I plan on venturing full time into mechanized agric once am bk to nigeria. Pls keep posting cos i hv been inspired thru all i hv read so far. Congrats dear!

    • Thanks Joseph, thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. Hope you follow through on building a career in the agric space. It’s very challenging but it’s doable. Will def keep posting. Cheers

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