Happy Easter people! Hope you had a fab one… Below are links to some surveys and interesting activities going on in the Agri space…

Edible Insect Survey: International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe)a leading insect science institution in Africa is in the process of collecting information for a database to promote the use of edible insects for sustainable livelihood and food and nutritional security in Africa.  To contribute to this initiative, kindly participate in the survey from this link: http://www.icipe.org/edibleinsectsurvey/.  Please complete it no later than May 3, 2014.

Access Agriculture is an international NGO which showcases agricultural training videos in local languages. Check them out on this link:  www.accessagriculture.org.

Agtube is an initiative of Access Agriculture, an international NGO that encourages the use of training videos to help farmers, pastoralists and rural businesses to improve their profits and livelihoods. Here is a link to the site:  www.agtube.org.

 In the context of the International Girls in ICT Day, CTA in collaboration with the African Youth Foundation (AYF) is organising an e-debate entitled “Enhancing Young Women’s engagement in ICT and Agriculture” on the ARDYIS discussion group (http://dgroups.org/groups/youth) from 16th April – 7th May 2014.During the 3 weeks, several themes and questions will be addressed and some Subject Matter Experts from different organisations will be participating in the debate and answering to youth’s questions.Please find all the information on the e-Debate on this link : http://bit.ly/1iAJ89l

I realise that I included a lot of links for you to check out and participate in some, I hope you find time to do so. On a lighter note, here is an interesting link on coconut oil that my friend shared with me….enjoy… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/27/coconut-oil-benefits_n_1625631.html

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