Hey guys! Being a farmer is not a joke…nevertheless it can be quite interesting. Just thought I’d hit y’all up and let you see what we have been up to at NextGen!

houseThe farm-house/admin block and a view of the open field. It’s almost done and we have started using it. Can’t show you the inside because we barely have any furniture…ha-ha. Just the essentials for now. 1 table and 2 chair and a bunk bed!

 pic 2So had major issues with the nursery at the farm and I decided to raise the nursery at home. I built this to house the nursery…it worked quite well but there are quite a number of things I would change and have changed. For example the roofing material I used is not the best, it does not allow enough sunlight get to the plants. First I decided to make the roof detachable so during the day the light gets in and at night I cover it up. But what if it rains during the day and I’m out…all that water will kill the nursery. So I changed the roof to some kind of nylon and attached it permanently.  Will share the picture of the modified version in the nursery post 🙂

collage pic 5These are our green houses and a sneak peek of what it look like inside. Will definitely share more on the green house blog post.

pic 3Meet our tiller! To be honest it’s a lot faster than using manual labor but it also requires a lot of effort. I’ve heard some people say it’s no good but it actually works well for us. The company that sold it assembled it and trained us on how to use it…so I guess that makes a difference

pic 1 blog postThe farm-mobile…turns out I don’t have a front view pic…yikes….well it’s a pick up and it has picked up loads of things. It’s one of the most useful tools owned by NextGen…it has taken us far and wide….It has taken us to many farms, carried tons of poultry manure, firewood, plants etc….Glad to have her on the team 🙂

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


16 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to….

  1. Whao! This is really interesting. Truly, the whole world will step aside for the man/woman who knows where he/she is going. Every giant stride starts from the first little but often difficult step. Best wishes from all of us at M.A LATEEF & CO.

  2. Dear Kofo, I’m always so glad to see you’re forging ahead with the Agripreneur initiative. I my view, Food Security is the beginning of a peaceful, progressive society, nation and continent.
    Processing of all agricultural products in Food Banks and modern storage / silo facilities is also essential for price stability.
    God bless your efforts!!!
    It is a pity we can’t vote via mobile phones. It’s so much easier. Will still vote for you anytime any day though!!!!

    • Many thanks for your kind words Kunmi! Food security is an issue not just for Africa but the world as well. Therein lies a lot of opportunity for Africa… I totally agree with your perspective and that for following….

  3. Nice, well done! Can’t wait to start eating the produce. Eku Ise o. No be small thing. The Lord is your muscle

  4. Great job Kofo! I am very excited at the progress you have made..you are such an inspiration to aspiring farmers like me and I hope we can sit down one day soon and chat about your experiences. Very well done!

  5. Hi Kofo, been checking your site out since I saw the Guardian newspaper you were presenting fresh produce to PMB. I like the Tomatoes, they look very good.
    I would like to know what advise you would have for those trying to get into the industry, particularly Animal Husbandry and Processing.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words. Hmm that’s a large question. However the first step is to take stock, in terms of what you are passionate about, what resources you have at your disposal and how hard are you willing to work to realize your dream. Farming I’ve come to realize requires passion, knowledge and capital…

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