Hey guys! So you got a sneak peek of the green house in the last post and saw a picture of what was going on inside. This post is really about what we had to do to get those pretty looking tomatoes you saw.

Green house 1So just incase you missed the last post, on the left is a pic of the green houses and the right is what the inside. We made 6 beds for a total of 480 plants, so that’s 80  bags per bed.

Green house 2Then we had to sterilize the soil by cooking it at a very high temperature turning it every 5 minutes for at least 30 mins (you really have to make sure that for the whole 30 mins that fire is burning). The pic on the top is what we used to cook the soil which is basically 2 barrels that have been cut into 2. Pic below is the firewood we used to cook the soil. This method of sterilizing is obviously not very environmentally friendly :-(. Soil solarization would have taken too long…..

Green house 3Here we are setting up the fire and loading the sand. So it 3 parts sand and 1 part poultry manure in each half barrel.

Green house 4So we tried 2 methods. Boiling it with water and covering it for around 50 minutes. We did this for only one day of the 11 days we sterilized the soil. We realised that it took way too much time. However it was slightly less stressful because we did not have to stir it as often.

Green house 5Then we used the dry method, no water …just sand and fire.

Green house 6Once the soil was cooked and cooled, we bagged it up, ready to load into the green house.

Green house 7Before loading the bags into the green house we laid plastic mulch to prevent weeds from growing and the treated soil from coming in contact with the untreated soil. Then loaded the sand into the green house.

Green house 8Once all the bags were loaded we had to fumigate the green house to get rid of all unwanted pests. Looks like we are about to get into our space ship right…lollll. The thing on our nose was make shift I think I forgot the right one at home….

Green house 9It’s a wrap yo! The whole process took about 2 weeks of back-breaking work. I worked with a pretty good team so it wasn’t as bad 🙂

Thanks for stopping by…


11 thoughts on “Green house set up!

  1. Hi once more Kofo. The progress u´ve made thus far is really amazing. Could you pls update us on your expenditure profile so far?

  2. Following your blog and finding it very interesting. I have two questions;
    Why do you have to cook the soil?
    What chemical did you use to fumigation your greenhouse and what quantity did you mix in the knapsack sprayer?

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