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Hi there,

I’m glad you are reading this. A little about me… Prior to Jan 2013 I spent approximately 6 years working in the Technology and Banking sector. Then I woke up one morning and decided you know what: I want to be a farmer! Actually it really didn’t happen like that… I spent a few years researching on what area of development and business I wanted to go into and decided that Agriculture was it. I’m a management accountant aspiring to become one of the so-called next generation of African farmers. What do I mean by next generation of African farmers?! I hope to figure that out with you on this blog.

Why have I chosen to go into agriculture? I have many reasons which you will discover as you read my blog but at the heart of it is the fact that I truly believe that agriculture is key to enabling Africa realise its potential. I am deeply convinced that agriculture will continue to be the biggest employer of labour in most African countries. When we get it right, Agriculture will play a fundamental role in lifting millions permanently out of poverty.

What type of community do I hope to build with our blog? For now my vision is that I attract and interact with individuals who are interested in agriculture. Who have read about or heard about or are interested in becoming the next generation of African farmers.

As time goes on we will get to know about each other. I hope you actively participate on our blog. I look forward to our many conversations!

Many thanks for taking the time out to read my blog. I’m really glad you did.

‘Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people’ Henry Kisinger 1970

To our success



44 thoughts on “About

  1. AWESOME!! I actually met a really cool farmer today – seems like you farmers are in my radar 🙂 Great job Kofo! Well done….

    • Great minds thing alike! I’m glad you reached out. Another next gen african farmer in the making :-). Will be reaching out to you soon for you to share your knowledge with all of us on here. Together we are better!

  2. This Agric Revolution must be televised…..
    Afterall all, all hope is not lost about what the future holds for Nigerian Youths…. we’ve been deceived enough that we’re leaders of tomorrow…it’s a welcome development that Nigerian Youths are taking charge as leaders of today…
    I’ve no iota of doubt that with focus,dedication and tenacity on the part of the Next Generation African Farmers which by default i feel every Progressive Nigerian Youth belongs, we would restore Nigeria back to those good old days where we heard and read that Agriculture was the largest revenue contributor to Nigeria’s bottomline(GDP) and also in the process making Forbes~trending billionaires out of Nigerian Youths…
    This is achievable and Yes we can achieve National, Economic and Individual Prosperity out of Agriculture….
    With the likes of Kofo around; this lofty dream is far from being a mirage…

    ‘Yemi Thomas.

    • Thanks for your very kind words Yemi. They are very encouraging. Like you I truly believe that if we, the Next Gen African Farmers can work collaboratively with a clear goal and plan in place with an effective execution strategy, Agriculture no doubt will take its rightful place of unlocking Africa’s potential. I like the idea of African Agripreneurs featuring on the Forbes list :-). Pls stay connected.

  3. It was a pleasure reading your profile. You have done the right thing by choosing Agriculture as your profession. You will not regret doing so.

  4. Hey Kofo, great work! I remember when I tried to start a palm (oil) tree farm and found how difficult it was and ran away. So.. hats off to you :-). Good luck, God bless

  5. this is great! I think i should have my own blog to on your website. Am also into farming and farming the next big bang lol lol. Its good to read from you. inspiring website

  6. Interesting.. i am amazed at your dedication and a lot of passion to it as well..
    Together we all look forward.

    • Hi Mahama,

      I’m really glad to hear you are interested in farming. We should definitely work collaboratively. Keep me posted on what you plan to do and any specific questions you have. Like you I’m also learning.


  7. Hi Kofo, interesting blog. I am quite happy to come across someone who’s passionately pursuing what she believes in. Would be really great to make contact and see how we can work together. I used to be a banker too, opted out and am now a practicing agripreneur.

  8. Good day, I appreciate your effort by promoting Agriculture (Food). Keep it up. Koto, if you can remember Agriculture is the first JOB assigned to us by God. Teaching people about Agriculture you are preaching the gospel of God. Almighty Allah will continue to bless and protect you, Amen. – Prince Abdullah

  9. Good day, I am also a young agripreneur and I have loved what I have seen on your blog so far. I would like to have a meeting with you so we can share ideas on agriculture. Kindly also visit my newly launched blog gwagrovest.com thank you.

  10. Dear Kofo

    Very encouraging comments on African farming which is the need of the hour. I’m very much interested in African farming and am looking for investor for my dream project of commercial rice farming in Africa.

    • Thanks Sadhu. It’s definitely needed at this point in time. My area of expertise is in vegetables. Rice is definitely an area The Federal Govt is looking into. If I have any relevant information, will let you know. All the very best.

  11. Very impressed and interested, do you offer any sought of training(hands on experience) programs. How do we get a hold of you please(digits, bbm etc)?

  12. I find your blog and exciting journey in agribusiness impressive. I am very much interested in your greenhouse tomato farm as I wish to set up one. The prices for most I have come across are on the high side. Kindly provide more information in respect of the supply/installation that is source and cost.


    • Hi Ona. Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately everything is now very expensive. The last time I checked the green houses are now retailing for 2m. You can get creative and fabricate a greenhouse, we plan on doing that….

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