6000 hits…484 followers later and I thought it only right to create a page to thank you for your support and remind you about why we are doing this.

From my heart to yours THANK YOU!


This blog was started to create a platform for the NextGenAfricanFarmers to dialogue and share ideas. To bring to people’s awareness that there is a generation of agripreneurs who are coming up with a different way of doing business in this sector. We work as business minded people but we differ in the sense that we have a double bottom line: profit and social. We are driven to succeed, think innovatively and work collaboratively because we understand that by doing this we open the doors for many more to come into the sector, with a certain level of confidence. Furthermore we seek to contribute in the effort of re-branding agriculture and reducing youth unemployment, so that more young people can become agripreneurs by choice and not by force.

The NextGenAfricanFarmers are Agripreneurs who understand the VALUE the value chain approach provides in ensuring the success of all stakeholders. Agripreneurs must and will break down the silos along the value chain and work as one team with one clear vision. We teach and we learn from each other regardless of where we operate in the value chain.

I am an Agripreneur in the making and one of the NextGenAfricanFarmers. I hope as time goes by, many more people will say this. Please stay connected…Together we are better!


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